5-Week Course: Musical sound design for film & moving image with AD Van Dongen

DomDom and Hanoi DocLab invite you to participate in our co-hosted 5-week course on musical sound design for film and moving image, instructed by award-winning Dutch composer and sound designer Add Van Dongen. You will be provided with foundation knowledge and basic skills necessary to design sound and music for film and moving image.

Potential applications and development of the knowledge gained from the course will be diverse including designing sound for short films, experimental films and video art, multi-media art, commercials and trailers. After the introduction class when students will be introduced to the general language of sound design in which interactive relationship between sound and image is essential, during the last 4 classes, students will be provided with hands-on instructions with specific techniques and skills to create their own works (works can be either solo or group-based). The course will also include a concert/screening of all the works completed by participants.

Musicians (including self-taught ones); and filmmakers and video artists who are capable to create music/sound for film/video or your own visual works.


17.30– 20.30 every Thursday from 20/11/2014 to 18/12/2014.
Concert/screening: 20/12/2014

PLACE: Hanoi Doclab, 56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học, Hà nội.


Past and present students of DomDom and DocLab: VND 750,000

Vietnamese: VND 1,000,000

Non-Vietnamese: VND 1,500,000

Ad Van Dongen has been a composer and sound designer for 15 years, runnning his own company Big Orange Music (www.big-orange.nl). He is specialized in composing and sound designing for documentary films, but also works with more abstract forms of sound design such as sound design for paintings. Dongen has won many awards for films and music including the Golden Calf national film award (Best Original Soundtrack for ‘Bolletjesblues’), Nipkowschijf national TV award (Music for Best TV program “O’Hanlons Helden”); Prix d’Europe and Erasmus Euromedia Award for documentary series “In Europa”; Image-and Sound Award (Best Documentary Series: “De Oorlog” and “13”).